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Item Preparation and Cleaning Hints  All items will be inspected at drop off time for proper preparation and cleanliness. In order to save you time in preparation and drop off carefully follow these instructions. Failure to follow these steps may result in some of your items being rejected. You will increase the chance of selling your items if they have a nice presentation.

Supplies Needed: 
  • White Card Stock 60 - 90lbs. Any heavier and it is difficult to put a pin through it. Tags must be printed on white card stock. No colored or paper tags are accepted. 
  • 1 1/2" safety pins
  • Wire or plastic hangers. Even the retail store plastic hangers are acceptable.
  • String, ribbon or twine to tie books together.
  • Zip-Ties to connect shoes and toys parts together. 
  • Clear Packing tape to attach tags. 
  • Scotch tape to attach tags to books and video cases made out of cardboard.
All Items brought to the Take2 sale must be Clean, Clean, Clean !!! 

Free of stains, tears, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers, excessive wear (knees of jeans). Remove wrinkles and odors from fabrics by laundering them or use Fabreeze.  Remove pet hair with a lint brush, launder the item if that doesn’t work. 
Season Appropriate Clothing 
Follow the Accepted Items List on the consignor page. Jeans, sport team t-shirts, and onesies are appropriate at all sale events. 
No out of date clothing. If the items hasn't  worn the last four years, it’s probably out of date unless its a basic clothing item. 
Remove pet hair with a lint brush, launder the item if that doesn’t work.
All clothing items must be on hangers. This includes onesies and sleepers. 
Wire and plastic hangers are acceptable Clothing must be hung so the front of the item and the hanger form a “2”. When hanging shirts do so as you normally would and use only one pin to attach the tag on the upper right hand corner of the shoulder (see picture). Pants and skirts must be pinned to the top of the hanger to the just below the waistband. Clip hangers work very well for this also. When pinning two piece outfits; hang the shirt as you normally would and then flip the shirt over and pin the bottoms(front side showing) to the shirt at the shoulders. Pin the tag to the front right shoulder of the shirt.  Be sure crotches are snapped and dress belt are tied. If dropping off Junior sized items, indicate this by putting a Jr. on the size line next to the size. I.E. - Jr.Med. or Jr. 5-6. View Item Preparation Video.
Shoes -  Shoes are to be very clean and gently used. Use a magic eraser to remove scuffs or launder them to remove dirt. No scuff marks, clean laces. Shoes are to be bound together with zip-ties, safety pin, etc. Shoes should not be placed in zip lock bags.  Season appropriate shoes. Shoes $10 and higher must be separate with a tag on each shoe. Only one she will be put on the sales floor and the other put behind The register until paid for.

Toys - All toys must be in working condition with all the parts. Working batteries must be in the toy is necessary to operate. Use Magic Erasers to clean marker, crayon and marks on plastic toys. And scuffs and shoes.  Be sure puzzles and games have all their parts.
Bibs - Pin multiple bibs together and pin tag on bibs.
Bedding and Blankets - Multiple bedding pieces should be placed in a large plastic bag, sealed and labeled. Large blankets can be folded, tied like a package and tagged. Comforters and sleeping bags should be folded. Check carefully that there are NO stains or tears.
DVDs, CDs, Video Tapes, Cassette Tapes, Video Games - These items must be in there original case. Do Not tape the case closed at this time. You will need to tape it closed after inspection of the item at drop off time. Use packing tape to secure the tag to the back of the case and use scotch tape if the case is cardboard. Books - If selling a single book, attach the tag to the front of the book with scotch tape. If selling multiple books together tie them with string or ribbon and attach the tag to the front of the book. Check each book carefully to be sure there is no writing, tears or missing pages.
Furniture  Furniture must be assembled.
Small, Loose, Multiple Items (hair clip, bows, small socks, baby bottles, ) Small items should be grouped together in a zip lock bag , taped securely with packing tape and the tag taped to the outside of the bag.  Be sure the tag is easy to read.
Strollers If selling a stroller, bring 2 tags with you so we can double tag your stroller at drop off.
Car Seats  Car Seats must be less than 5 years old. (9 years for Britax brand) and have the manufactures label on the bottom of the car seat for information. Be sure your car seat is not listed on the recall list. Be sure the car seat has never been in an accident.  The car seat cover and straps must be clean.
PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONS  Tagging Instructions Each item brought to the Take2 sale must have a Take2 bar coded tag. This bar-coded tags and consignor number is assigned to you after consignor sign up is completed. You tag must be completed with the following information: detailed description; brand name-color-item type (example: Gap Red Shirt), size, and price. Price should be in whole dollar amounts (i.e. $1, $2, $5 ... etc.). The minimum price of any item is $1.00. If you do not want the item to be sold at half price on the last day of the sale, place an "x" in the box next to "No Discount" If you are going to let your items be carried on to the Lincoln and Des Moines' sale, then they must be NOT be marked "NO Discount".  No "No Discount" items will be carried on, they will be donated after the Omaha sale has completed if not picked up on consigner pick up day.

Pricing Hints

Here are a few price points to help you prepare your items. Remember this relates to the quality and condition of the items. The cleaner and better condition the item, the more you can ask for it. Bottom line is  Price to Sell !


·    Onesies -$1 if plain, $2 with design

·    Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and pants  $2-$5

·    Coats  $5-$10

*you can charge more for name brand and boutique brands

High Chairs-

·    Basic model -$15-$20

·    Wheels and one or 2 trays -$30-$45

·    Toys on the tray extras like $40-$65

Pack n’ Plays-

·    Basic -$20 

·    With wheel -$25-$35

·    Bassinet style with mobiles -$40-$50

·    Extras such as changing mat and a mobile    -$50-$65


·    $15 - $20 basic

·    $25 - $35 With attachments like toys

·    $45 - $65 Deluxe ones like Baby Einstein, that has the gym on top of it


·    $10 -$25

Car Seats

·    Basic Infant carseat -$20 -$35, Better brands such as Britax $45 - $75

·    Baby  to toddler seat $25 -$45, Better brands such as Britax - $50 -$100  

·    Booster seat - $10 -$40


·    Umbrella strollers -$6 -$10

·    Umbrella stroller with canopy -$10 -$15

·    Regular stroller -$25-$45 basic model such as a Graco and Evenflo brand

·    Deluxe stroller -$50 -$75

·    Double stroller -$35 - $75 , Graco and Evenflo brands -$45-$85

·    Stroller /Car Seat combo, with one or two bases -$75-$150


·    2 speed or travel swing - $15-$25

·    3 speed - $25 -$35

·    6 speed with music $40 -$75

Other Items

·    Bumbo Seats and Bebe pods -$25 with tray

·    Baby Corrals - $40

·    Madela breast pumps deluxe models $80-$100

·    Boppy pillows $10-$15

·    Baby Bedding - $25 -$75

·    Booster Chairs – basic models $8-$10, Deluxe -$25

·    Potty Chairs - $5-$15

·    Diaper Pails - $8-$20

·    Baby Monitors - $10 and up

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