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Pre-Sale Information

Pre-Sale is an exclusive shopping time, before the sale opens to the general public for all the volunteers, consignors and mailing list people to shop.

Volunteer Pre-Sale Pass

Volunteers who sign up to work at least 12 hours will earn one Pre-Sale Pass and be allowed to shop first. The 4 Hour volunteers shop after the 12 hour volunteers and before the consignors and mailing list members.

Consignor Pre-Sale Pass

Each consignor will receive two Pre-Sale passes to shop after the Volunteer Pre-Sale Pass holders and before the Mailing List members.

Mailing List Pre-Sale Pass

If you sign up for our mailing list you will recieve a pre-sale shoppers pass postcard in the mail shortly before the sale begins. This pass allows you and one other adult to shop after the volunteers and consignors, but before the general public. Due to large crowds at this event we do not allow children. We welcome children and strollers when we open to the general public. 

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