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Shoppers Questions

What forms of payments do you accept?
Cash, credit, debit

Is there an admission fee?

How often do you hold these sales?
Twice a year. We hold a Fall sale in September or October and a Spring sale in March or April.

Are there shopping carts available?
We have only a few carts. Please bring a large laundry basket to carry all your items in.

What type of items do you sell?
Children, teen and maternity clothing and almost any items used by, with and for children. Refer to our “Items Accepted” list.

Consignor Questions

Who can be a consignor to sell items?
Anyone can consign their children, teen and maternity items with Take2.

Do I need to be present to sell my items?

No, simply drop off you items at your designated time and we do the rest.

What does it cost to consign?
There is a $14 registration fee.

How much do I earn?
You receive 70% on your sold items, 75% if the consignor volunteers 4 or more hours. If you volunteer 12 hours you will shop FIRST. 

When do I receive payment for my sold items
4-5 days following the end of the sale we will send you a check via the mail

How many Items many can I bring? 
We have a maximum 20 clothing items size 12 through juniors. Maximum of 10 maternity clothing items and 4 stuffed animal. Otherwise, have no other minimums or maximums on our items accepted.

Who sets the price?
You set the price on your items. Refer to our pricing hints available after you sign up.

Where so I get my bar coded tags?
After you sign up online you can print them on your home printer, on 60 to 80 pound weight card stock, available at Walmart, Kinkos and office supply stores.

What happens to my unsold items at the end of the sale?
You have several options,
1. You can pick them up.
2. At the end of our final sale all unsold items are donated to charity.

Volunteer Questions

What are the advantages to volunteering?
You get to shop first. Before the consignors and the general public on the first day and on ½ price day. If you are a consignor you will receive 75% on sold items. 

How long are the shifts?
4 hours for 75%.

If I volunteer what will I be doing?
Depending on what day it is there are a variety of jobs You may check in consignors, Assist shoppers during the sale, tend to the sales floor, put back unwanted items, assist with check out of shoppers and consignors. You will never be asked to doing anything you don’t want to do.

Can I bring my children with me?
Please leave you precious children at home, it’s too difficult to work and tend to your children.

Can a friend or relative complete my volunteer duties?
Yes, Contact to make prior arrangements.

Can I volunteer if I am not a consignor?
Yes, You will need to mail a $25 check to be held until you have completed you responsibilities and then you check will be returned to you. Your check will be cashed if you fail to work your assigned shift.
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